Cheap and Amazing Wedding Dress – Make Your Dream Comes True

When we were young, we had various dreams. Some of us dreamt to be scientists or teachers, travelling around the world, or even creating a new era of human beings. Anyway, these are just dreams that will never or very hard to come true while some beautiful dreams will be finally realized one day such as marrying someone in the greatest wedding gowns. In this dream, we seldom thought about the groom. We didn’t care whether he would be tall or short, thin or fat, but we paid much attention to the wedding dress. To obtain a beautiful ivory white wedding dress is the sweetest dream for all of the girls. But we cannot expect the great wedding dress to be cheap. I guess some of us are stupefied with the price marked on the model when we pass the shop window. So if you do not want spend a lot of money on this dress, how could you do?

First, do it yourself.

Well I know this sounds a little crazy or incredible. But just imagine if you could wear a wedding dress with your own design or thoughts, it will be so meaningful on your special day. Design the style or shape you want to have. Prepare the necessary items for making a wedding dress, such as lace,pearl, satins, veil, just to name a few. After the preparation you can start the project. It will be better if you know a little sewing skill or have some friends who are related to dress designing or sewing. I also know that some friends are not interested in the DIY work, so we can move to another solution.

Second, buy wedding dresses online.

With the development of technology and internet, there are many online shops nowadays. And their merchandises almost include everything. Wedding dress is just one hot item sold online recently. If your budget is really tight you can also consider wholesale. Yes, wholesale. You may think wholesale refers to bulk buying, such as buying 1000 dresses at one time. Actually, if you find the right online platform, you can make a bargain with the seller even if you are buying only 3 dresses.

You can get a wedding dress from the online shop with a low price and good quality. But one problem that we are all concerned about is size. Due to the transaction form, people cannot try the wedding dress on before they decide to buy. Personally I think this is a simple problem and can be solved easily. Many online retailers offer the detailed and exact size information on their webpage. You can measure yourself and provide your own size to the customer service then decide the suitable size for you to choose.

When all the problems are settled, I believe some girls can’t wait to try these two methods out. Also it will be appreciated if your personal experience about choosing the amazing and cheap wedding dress can be shared with us.

Ways of Providing a Cheap Beach Wedding Dress

A beach wedding can be a very beautiful alternative whether or not you are an outdoor enthusiast. The natural beauty can provide a breathtaking back drop for the special day. It can also be less expensive than renting a building in which to have the wedding. The other great expense can be the wedding dress itself. Here are some ideas on how to save expenses and have this type of dress without giving up any quality.

One way to retain elegance and save money is to have the dress made by a professional seamstress. Most of the time these weddings are less formal and a simple pattern will do. The dress can be designed according to personal taste and be as formal or informal as the bride desires. Some classy accessories can also add the desired touch of class. Having the dress made can be one way to provide a cheap wedding dress.

There are also many rental shops where beach wedding dresses can be rented. They usually carry many different styles from casual to formal. This wide range of fashion can yield just the right attire for the special day. Many time accessories are also available which means a lot less shopping. You can have the finest up to date fashions available at a fraction of the cost. Cleaning and storing is also no problem with a rental. Wear it then return it to the rental shop and reduce post wedding stress as well.

There is also the possibility of borrowing a beach wedding dress from a friend or family member. Perhaps you attended a wedding of such an acquaintance and liked their choice of dress. They may very well let you wear it for your special occasion too. Borrowing reduces much cost associated with the bride’s garments. The only expense would be having it cleaned after the beach wedding ends. There may also be some accessories that the bride may want to add for a more personal touch.

These are some ways that a cheap beach wedding dress can be acquired. Keeping the cost down without sacrificing elegance or quality is an important task. Staying within the budget can be easy to do by having the dress made, renting it, or borrowing it from someone you know very well. Any of these options will help provide the needed attire without great expenditure.

How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost?

On the low end, a cheap wedding dress can cost $200 or less for a white evening dress in a synthetic fabric from a department store, or for a simple on-sale wedding dress from a chain bridal retailer. In the mid-range, one can expect to pay between $500 to $1,000 for a custom-made wedding dress from a chain bridal retailer or bridal boutique. Then, on the high end, it is common to cost $2,000 to $5,000 and above for a custom-made designer dress in expensive silk with elaborate embellishments from a chic wedding boutique. On average, a wedding gown costs around $1,500 in the U.S.

Apart from the price of the gown itself, one should not forget to factor in the cost of alterations, which ranges from $20 for a small nip up to $200 for more amendment work. Rush fees are often charged if you order your dresses late. A typical designer wedding gown takes about 2 to 5 months to make. Special undergarments are usually required for most wedding gowns. And, it may cost at least $30 for a strapless bra.

One way to obtain cheap wedding dresses is to attend sample sales at bridal salons or designer’s studio. Alternatively, you can also save money by buying a bridesmaid dress instead as these dresses usually cost lesser than wedding gowns. Take note that wedding dresses can be easily worn in, but may be difficult to let them out as they usually run a size or two smaller than street size. Do study carefully on measurements to get the perfect fit.

If you want to purchase a designer dress but do not wish to pay designer prices, then try Tailored Wedding Gowns where custom styles and designs are offered that are made to measure to your size from pictures or sketches that you can forward to their tailors to replicate. Other cheap wedding dresses are also available on their site.

If you are willing to consider a worn-once dress, sites such as offer dresses that originally cost thousands of dollars for up to 70 percent off. Other shopping options include wedding gowns wholesale which offers a variety of cheap wedding dresses in various sizes at steep discounts. You can get almost anything you like on this website. If you like to hunt for something special at good affordable price, then use Wedding Gowns Wholesale to purchase the many thousands of super discount wedding products you are interested in.

For local bridal salons, the offers a city-by-city guide to retail shops.