You Don’t Always Have to Buy an Expensive Wedding Dress

Let’s face it – we all know that getting married can be an expensive time. One of the major expenses that you will face is purchasing your wedding gown. But, if you’re a savvy bride you can make significant savings by simply shopping around.

One of the places that many brides neglected to check out our auction websites. There are many of these available online of course we have the big ones like eBay where you will find a great selection of dresses available that may have only been worn once but are in immaculate condition. You will also find many local auction sites or classified advertising websites. Because these are local this also gives you an opportunity to maybe cold look at the item before making a purchase. Another area to look at is classified advertising in local newspapers this again is another opportunity where you can check out the cost of a dress and make sure that it is perfectly good condition before making any type of purchase.

Another area that many brides forget to check out is in their local bridal store. Most bridal stores will have discounted stock available. Sometimes this is end of line or simply a range of dresses that they are trying to clear. You may also find that they could have some stock that has been returned for various reasons and I have also come across some bridal stores that will sell secondhand wedding dresses that are in perfect condition but had been dry cleaned and you could not tell the difference.

Second hand stores will also stock wedding gowns. These will only have been used once more likely dry cleaned in perfect condition and can be purchased at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a new address. This is definitely one area you should check out if you are looking to purchase a cheap wedding dress. You’ll get the opportunity to try this on and make sure that it is the perfect fit before hand. Some of these stores are also run by charities and they will make sure they will give you a really good price so you are not paying over the odds for your special day.

Overall there are many opportunities available to you in order to save money on purchasing your wedding dress. The one word you do not want to use is cheap when you go shopping for this, you are looking for a bargain or discounted dress these are much more powerful word to use when trying to negotiate on pricing.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

People today are getting significantly bigger than the past. Be it a good thing or a bad thing, it is open to public debate. Plus size weddings need plus size wedding gowns. It is the right of any bride to wear gown that suits her best. However, the idea of shopping a wedding dress for women who is plus size can overwhelm her, especially if she discovers that bridal shops sell only those wedding dresses of size 8 range. A piece of good news is that designers are beginning to acknowledge the reality that not all brides are slim. Many bridal shops are also beginning to stock up variety of styles in larger sizes to cater the growing demand for plus size wedding dresses.

It may take a bit of effort, but finding the right plus size wedding gown is not really that difficult and it is easier than you think. You just have to decide for yourself what your gown should look like, what you want to hide and what you want to emphasize.

First, you need to know your shape. Every woman wishes to find a dress that is most suitable for her figure. For instance, an a-line shape is flattering to curvier figures as it can skim over hips. On the other hand, a v-neckline on a busty woman can help adding a beautiful complimentary line. You should try to avoid full ball gown skirts as they can add to an overall roundness. Tea-length gowns should also be avoided as they tend to make women look shorter and ankle-heavy.

Secondly, buy wedding magazines to get ideas on latest fashions and styles. Depending on how much time you have prepared for your wedding and also the level of formality you are expecting, you may want a lavishly decorated dress with a long train set for an elegant evening affair, or just a simple style for a beached ceremony.

Thirdly, you may try visiting a bridal salon. Have someone to go with you when you shop for the gown. Get the shop employee to direct you to the plus size wedding dresses and let you try on several styles. Let the person who accompanies you give you some honest feedback as you try the dresses on.

Fourthly, If you are like most of us who do not have several thousands of dollars to spend on a wedding dress, try other means, especially if you don’t feel worthwhile buying an expensive new dress that you will only be wearing once. eBay is one source for plus size wedding dresses, either new or used, and is a good place to find wedding dresses on sale.

Fifthly, looking for wedding dresses online is also a good way to find cheap wedding dresses. After all, it is not economical to buy a dress that you will only likely be wearing once in your lifetime, no matter how special the day was.

Last but not least, if you want to cover some skins, you can consider wearing wedding accessories. A long veil and jacket or wrap can offer supplementary coverage to your arms

Best Wedding Dress – Choose As Per Season

One of the biggest moments for any girl that comes once in a life time is her wedding. There are a lot of professional people out there now who work as a guide to design and select the best wedding dresses from one and all.

There are many couples who wish to get married in the summer season. In order to select the dress for wedding in the summer take into account the weather conditions well. At this time a short wedding dress would be the perfect choice for every bride. It must be light in weight and also not too bright and ornamental. This would also mean that she would be going for the cheap wedding dresses. The first look to be tried on is the wedding gowns that are silky. These are breathable and give a comfortable feeling. They are the ones that top the charts for bridal dresses.

Another thing is that, it is always better to buy a new dress instead of renting one as the new silk which has never been washed displays the best look. But certainly you can look for the discount wedding dresses. To get cool feel, buy a dress that is short. The design must be chosen as per the taste of the bride only. So that it shows what she really is. Choose a short bridal dress that the bride can easily wear in a party after her wedding.

Short wedding dresses give the bride a chance to flaunt her figure and then these dresses are not the ones that are to be worn just on this day. The short dresses are comfortable in summer and this makes the bride be at ease for long when she is on the aisle with her hubby, first doing the ceremonial things and then meeting everyone. This is a must as it is her day.

One thing that has to be given high consideration is that when one is searching for the perfect short wedding dress opinions must be taken from family and friends and one must search through magazines too, but when out to shop for it do not take a whole bunch of advisory friends. This will create a lot of confusion and as such the final decision has to be taken by the bride only as her comfort.

Irish Wedding Dresses

The majority of brides I meet are looking for unique wedding dresses. Anything from camo to Gothic wedding dresses are being considered by today’s bride-to-be. Introducing color is definitely becoming more popular with brides feeling this is a good way to express their personality whilst at the same time giving their wedding a unique feel.

In ancient Ireland blue was in fact the favorite color of a wedding dress, the all-white wedding gown not becoming popular until relatively recently. So as a subtle way of incorporating your Irish heritage on your wedding day you may wish to wear a blue dress or a white or ivory dress with a blue trim. Another subtle tip is to have Irish bluebells as part of your bridal bouquet.

In these economically challenging times many brides-to-be are prudently on the lookout for cheap wedding attire. Imagine then if, instead of spending months trying to find the perfect wedding dress, you decided instead to just wear your best frock on your wedding day? This was the custom of the farming classes in ancient Ireland, the focus being on the practicality of wearing something that can be worn again. This may be taking the notion of cheap wedding dresses to the extreme but it has got me thinking about buying a gown that can be worn again either as it is, adorned with contemporary accessories or even dyed a different color. Definitely more economical than splurging on one of those Vera Wang wedding dresses we keep reading about (thanks Chelsea Clinton!)

If you are committed to wearing an Irish wedding dress, one of the most beautiful ways of reflecting your Irish heritage in your wedding dress is to adorn the gown with handmade Irish lace. One example of the type of lace you could use is Carrickmacross lace where the lace designs are embroidered on a very fine net backing. This makes it easy to attach the lacework to the dress. An alternative is Kenmare lace which is a very fine needlepoint style of lace based on the detached buttonhole stitch.

Another way of honouring Irish tradition, and this is particularly useful if you are getting married in the winter months, is to wear a hooded cloak, known as the Kinsale cloak, over your wedding gown. In fact, English actress Billie Piper wore something of this nature when marrying Laurence Fox on New Year’s Eve 2007 (which incidentally is one of the best times to get married, according to Irish custom).